Company Open Sharing at Hacienda at the Canyon, September 2022

Playing, experimenting, creating.  We don’t need anything special to dance.  We just need each other.


Company Open Sharing at Hacienda at the Canyon, June 2022

Sharing examples of dance improvisations by company dancers and community members, from Individual to Duet to Trio to Whole Group.   No choreography needed.  We communicate through the language of movement.

A Duet

A Trio


“self(Less)” ~ May 2022

To honor the self does not mean to be Selfish.


“Whispering Wings Unfold” ~ April 2022

Our second collaboration with Nalitari from Indonesia; to celebrate Worlds Art Day 2022.  Distance does not mean being disconnected.


“Finding Each Other” ~ December 2021

Dancing with the beautiful sculptures by ROTRAUT.

“Yellow to Green” 


“Wisdom” ~ July 2021

“How did this all start?  What part of humanity started this?  Wisdom, by Keita Tsutsumi


“Of Misted Mountains” ~ June 2021


“Holding Onto Memories” ~ Premiered on 520 Dance Company’s Virtual Showcase,  May 2021


“Gifting the Light” ~ Premiered on Leaps For Lives Virtual Showcase,  April 2021


In celebration of April as Tucson Sculpture Month, we had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with Sculpture Tucscon at their Rough Terrain exhibit at Brandi Fenton Park.

“Around, Between and With”

“Meeting Under the Sky”


“Red and Yellow Gestures”

Featuring sculptures by Rotraut Moquay

“red dress” 

Featured Sculpture: “Savanna Silhouette: Dedicated to Missing Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls” by Julia Arriola


“Expressions from a Bridge” ~ March 2021

What happens when dancers happen upon a bridge and a wash?  They DANCE, of course!


“A Gaggle of Giggles” ~ February 2021

Making time to giggle together.


“In the NOW” ~ December 28, 2020

Appreciating the NOW with the herd from Spirit Therapeutic Equestrian Program – STEP.


“(in)Visible” ~ December 8, 2020

2020 has been quite the challenging year.  But we are still here…we are not (in)Visible!


“Within a World of Movement” ~ Premiered on Leaps for Lives Virtual Showcase, October 24, 2020

This piece speaks to the interconnectedness of our world.


“This Pandemic Socks!!!” ~ August 31, 2020

We can still give to each other, even when we can’t be physically together.


“I AM” ~ On Line Premiere August 6, 2020

An international collaboration with Nalitari from Yogyakarta, Indonesia.  We are not divided by distance or Covid-19.  We continue to celebrate moments of connection by creating and dancing together.


“Not the End” ~ On Line Premiere July 27, 2020

Inspired by the beautiful poetry “Say This is Not the End” by Richard Blanco.  President Barack Obama selected Richard Blanco as the fifth inaugural poet in U.S. history, and “is the youngest, first Latino, immigrant and gay person to serve in such a role.”* (*Mary Bruce, Jan. 21, 2013, ABC News)


“NoMore!” ~ June 2020

This piece is our expression of the grief and rage, the struggle and determination that we feel in response to recent events.


“Shelter in Place,” ~ On line Premiere May 2020


“Identity” ~ On Line Premiere May 2020


A Retrospective of 2019: Sharings by Dancesequences Repertory Company


Dancing Through Sheltering in Place: with our International Colleagues, April 20, 2020


Remembrance of Apollo from our Equinimity Project, April 7, 2020


Dancing Without Arms, with Tisha Unarmed/Toe Talks