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Online discussion on inclusion and dance, sponsored by Nalitari of Yogyakara, Indonesia.

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(Photo Credit: L. Hanelin)



First-ever virtual summer camp offered by Pacific Links Foundation for middle and high school students from Central and Mekong Delta.   We facilitated the workshop: “Me in the World,” an exploration of physical boundaries and personal space through creative group dance.  (Photo Credit: L. Hanelin)



INDONESIA: February 16 -22, 2020 

A 7-day Creative Group Dance Residency in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.  We conducted workshops with multiple institutions and organizations, sharing dance with 253 student from the dance, theatre and dance pedagogy departments at the Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta (“ISI”); 180 students at SMKI, the high school for performing arts; 39 members from the LGBTQ and Trans Women communities; 50 dancers from a local women’s group and 50 children ages 4-15 from villages northwest of Yogyakarta.  In total, we facilitated 14 workshops for 572 participants of diverse ages and experiences.

This project made possible in part with funding from C. & G. Ho, Mettler Studios, Inc. and Ong Family Foundation.



This 3-week Creative Group Dance residency included 1 week in Hanoi, 1 week at Dong Thap Province in Southern Vietnam and 1 week in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.   We collaborated with 13 different community organizations and taught 37 classes to 1,337 participants of diverse ages and abilities!

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Hanoi, Vietnam:

A 1-week Creative Group Dance residency with multiple organizations during our 1-week stay in Hanoi, dancing with staff from NGOs who assist and support girls/women rescued from trafficking and gender-based violence; with community partners in the dance therapy field; with adults with diverse abilities; and with the general community.  Our partners in Hanoi:

Hagar International Vietnam

Vietnam Dance/Movement Therapy

Will to Live Center

Heritage Space

Mekong Delta, Vietnam:

A 1-week Creative Group Dance residency for 700 middle and high school girls participating in Pacific Links Foundations‘ SUMMER CAMP program.  “SUMMER CAMP is an annual activity of the Academic Scholarships Program.  Over four days, scholarship recipients come together from the remote and impoverished areas of the Mekong Delta bordering Cambodia to build confidence, compassion and vital connections that will safeguard them from the dangers of human trafficking.  At its core, Summer Camp is a youth development endeavor. The camp’s goal is to provide a space for students to make new friends, learn about different career and training opportunities, and to work on personal growth through the guiding values  of GRACES (Gratitude, Respect, Accountability, Courage, Engagement, and Safety).”

Yogyakarta, Indonesia:

A 1-week Creative Group Dance residency with multiple organizations, including the Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta, SMKI High School of Performing Arts, Nalitari, LGBTQ Support Group, Helikopter Community and many more.

Photo Credits:  Dancesequences Inc.; Willow Paule Photography

This project was made possible in part with funding from Mettler Studios, Inc. and Ong Family Foundation.