Repertory Company


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The Dancesequences Youth and Adult Repertory Companies are integrated, inclusive ensembles of dance artists with diverse ages and abilities that will

  • (i) create new work based upon the theme of “in(Visbility)” for sharing;
  • (ii) collaborate with local organizations serving communities that are vulnerable and underserved with limited or no access to dance programming; and
  • (iii) advocate to the “invisible” truth that there are no limitations, only possibilities.

We come together within an environment of creative freedom to create pieces through the collaborative energies and ideas of every dancer.  Our commitment to our foundational belief that “DANCE IS FOR ALL” inspired us to develop a unique repertory model that encourages participation without limitation.  We welcome anyone who wishes to participate.  We have danced in theatres, public outdoor spaces, schools, museums and shopping malls.  In every instance, our Sharings generate dialogue about diverse abilities and experiences.