Our Work

Dancesequences with Tisha Unarmed.

Our Philosophy

We believe that movement, dance and the arts are key ways human beings communicate and connect with one another.  We also believe the arts can provide meaningful experiences of joy, awareness, cooperation, growth and learning.  By providing opportunities for communities to share personal stories and experiences through the art of movement expression, we strive to create an open, nurturing environment that allows the interchange of dialogue to interpret, enhance and celebrate our common humanity through dance.

We are particularly interested in exploring the theme of (in)Visibility” by investigating the following questions:

  1. When are we visible for the wrong reasons?  Why?
  2. When do we have a visible, physical presence, but are invisible?  Why?

This theme of “(in)Visibility” encompasses a wide range of topics around disability, abuse, homelessness, environment, migrants/refugees, ethnicity, aging and much more. As we dance together, we seek to strengthen communities by bringing people who have been invisible into community life; to give them opportunities and a forum to express their thoughts and feelings with movement; and to discover ways to reach out and connect with people across different communities.

Community Engagement Residencies

Utilizing creative group dance and improvisation techniques, we offer “Dancesequences Joyful Movement” and “Dancesequences In Motion” classes that are designed to celebrate the dancer in each of us and encourage a fully inclusive and participatory creative environment where each individual contributes their whole self to the group experience. Residency focus and duration are determined by the collaborating organizations’ needs and schedules. Classes and workshops can be conducted on site at the organizations’ locations….all we need is a space (indoors or outdoors) where we can dance and people interested in exploring movement.

Community Sharings

The word “performance” is defined in the dictionary as a “musical, dramatic, or other entertainment presented before an audience.”   In this “performance” setting, artists are separated from viewers.  Dancesequences seeks to redefine “performance” because we believe creativity belongs to all human beings; that the creation of art in itself is the primary focus and does not need to be validated or judged within the realm of a “performance.”   We offer, instead, “Sharings,” where we explore possibilities to dissolve barriers between artists and audience.  Sharings can be presented anywhere, not just in a proscenium theatre setting, thereby bringing dance back into everyday lives as a natural, human activity.  If requested, company dancers will work with residency participants to craft pieces to share with the larger community.   As an integral part of our residencies, we encourage “Q&A” forums at Sharings where dialogue between dancers, participants and the community can take place.

Our work takes inspiration from the free approach to body movement pioneered by Barbara Mettler.  Utilizing Mettler-based Creative Dance as our foundational resource gives us the ability to develop inclusive, integrated programs to respond to individual and organizational needs.