Nothing Stops the DANCE!


We are emerging from our Covid-19 isolations and are planning for a busy Fall season! We have resumed our on-site classes at senior faciliites and community organizations. Our Repertory Company is preparing to return to the studio to dance and create together! On October 22, our Equinimity Workshop Series will resume with a new 5-workshop series! We will be sharing exciting details about upcoming events and more about our “We Bring Dance to You” campaign soon!

Covid Protocols:

Dancesequences Inc. provides dance programming within vulnerable communities for people with compromised immune systems.  The health, safety and welfare of each member of our team and family members of our extended community is of the highest priority.   This is especially vital given the rise in Covid-19 cases due to the Delta variant. 

Until further notice, individuals are required to either show proof of vaccination or wear masks that cover the nose and mouth in order to attend our indoor and outdoor programs.  Masks are optional for vaccinated individuals at outdoor events.   Individuals who are not feeling well or are experiencing symptoms are prohibited from participating in our programs.  Please stay home and get better.

Check back for updates as our Covid-19 responses will change accordingly as the situation evolves.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.  Together we can continue to live our lives during the health crisis of Covid-19.


“Passing the Energy”

2020 was a difficult year for all of us. We relied upon each other even more, sharing the creative energies that supported and grounded us.

Movement is all around us. We are part of that movement.

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We facilitate open-access inclusive creative group dance workshops and residencies within diverse communities, local and internatonal.


We conduct Community Sharings that include interactive experiences for all attendees.


Our unique Equinimity Project allows participants to connect with each other while connecting with horses through unmounted creative group dance.

Joyful Movement is a wonderful opportunity for women experiencing homelessness to shed their emotional burden for one hour while experiencing their bodies in a nurturing playful activity.  For many homeless women, the body is something to protect, to feed, and to keep clean. While dancing, they can physically experience their resiliency and open their bodies to a positive experience.  Joyful Movement is as much about healing as it is dancing.”

Penny Buckley, Program Director, Sister Jose Women’s Center

Dancing With horses has clarified something important about being alive for me. Allowing the horses to have their say allows me to be ‘with’ rather than ‘over’ - so important in these times. The horses look you right in the eye. We experience each other equally.

Equinimity Participant

To advance societal inclusion through movement and dance.