About Us

Our Mission

 Advancing inclusion through movement and dance.

Our Vision

We are a partnership of people with diverse backgrounds and abilities who seek to promote and create community through the art and joy of movement expression.  We provide inclusive, integrated and open access dance programming to people of diverse backgrounds, abilities or circumstance, including, by way of example but not limited to, people with mixed abilities, survivors of human trafficking or gender-based violence, the elderly, people without homes, veterans, LGBTQ support networks and more.

Through educational programs, workshops, demonstrations and other events, we seek to enhance the creative life of persons within communities with limited or no access to dance programming for the purpose of maximizing their potential for integration into their families, workplaces and community.  Our hope is to renew, reaffirm and reconnect persons and communities through the art of movement as we dance towards inclusion by celebrating our shared humanity, challenging intolerance and eliminating labels that divide us.